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October 29, 2009

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Encyclopedia of Emancipation and Abolition in the Transatlantic World

A Featured Title of the Month from Credo Reference!

The struggle to abolish slavery is one of the grandest quests--and central themes--of modern history. These movements for freedom have taken many forms, from individual escapes, violent rebellions, and official proclamations to mass organizations, decisive social actions, and major wars. Every emancipation movement--whether in Europe, Africa, or the Americas--has profoundly transformed the country and society in which it existed.

This unique A-Z encyclopedia examines every effort to end slavery in the United States and the transatlantic world. It focuses on massive, broad-based movements, as well as specific incidents, events, and developments, and pulls together in one place information previously available only in a wide variety of sources. While it centers on the United States, the set also includes authoritative accounts of emancipation and abolition in Europe, Africa, the Caribbean and Latin America.

The Encyclopedia of Emancipation and Abolition features primary source documents, a map of the transatlantic slave trade, illustrations, cross-references, a comprehensive chronology and bibliography, and covers a wide range of individuals and the major themes and ideas that motivated them to confront and abolish slavery.

A few of the interesting entries:
Palmerston Act (1839): measure enacted by the British Parliament to suppress the international slave trade
"Forty Acres and a Mule"
Sojourner Truth (ca. 1797-1883): former slave and inspirational leader of the abolitionist movement
Abolition in the British West Indies
Alexis de Tocqueville (1805-1859): French jurist, statesman, and social theorist as well as a leading abolitionist during the July Monarchy (1830-1848) of King Louis-Philippe
Quakers (Society of Friends)
James Ramsay (1733-1789): one of the most influential British abolitionists writing in the 1780s