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February 2, 2012

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Database Trial: Arte Publico Hispanic Historical Collection

The library has a trial of the Arte Publico Hispanic Historical Collection: Series 1 for 60 days beginning Feb. 1, 2012. Arte Público Hispanic Historical Collection presents a digital collection of historical content pertaining to U.S. Hispanic history, literature and culture. The collection includes 60,000 historical articles, hundreds of political and religious pamphlets, and complete texts of over 1,100 historical books of Hispanic literature, political commentary and culture. 80% of the content is written in Spanish and 20% in English. All of the content is indexed and searchable in both Spanish and English.

Click here to try this database.

Please review this resource for usefulness for your research, teaching purposes, and classroom assignments, ease of navigation, and overlap with other library resources in this area and send your comments to Kendra St. Aubin, by March 30. We need feedback from faculty and students on the usefulness of this resource for the programs

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