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April 10, 2012

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U.S. AND IRANIAN STRATEGIC COMPETITION: The Impact of Latin America, Africa and Peripheral States

By Brandon Fite
Center for Strategic & International Studies
April 6, 2012

US competition with Iran has become the equivalent of a game of three-dimensional chess, but a game where each side can modify at least some of the rules with each move. It is also a game that has been going on for some three decades. It is clear that it is also a game that is unlikely to be ended by better dialog and mutual understanding, and that Iran’s version of “democracy” is unlikely to change the way it is played in the foreseeable future.

The Burke Chair at CSIS has prepared a detailed analysis of the history and character of this competition as part of a project supported by the Smith Richardson Foundation. This has led to an updated draft of the report entitled “US and Iranian Strategic Competition: Peripheral Competition Involving Latin America and Africa,” which is now available on the CSIS website at:

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