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ENGL 203 Writing about Literature - Brunjes: Tips for Finding Books

Finding Books in the Catalog

Having trouble locating the right books for your assignment?  Begin on the library homepage and select "FIND Books/Ebooks."  This will eliminate other types of sources, like articles and media, from your results.

On the next page, scroll down to the search bar and enter your search term.

Too many results?  Use the limiters on the left side of the page.

Still not seeing what you want?  Try adding an additional search term.  Separate search terms with the word 'and.'  You can also use quotation marks to search for phrases.

Found what you want?  To find it in the library stacks, take note of the book's location, collection, call number, and availability.

Need more books on the same topic?  Try searching by subject heading - just click on the link to the subject most relevant to your topic.

Searching Inside a Book

You probably won't have time to read the entirety of every monograph and scholarly book that you use in your research.  Find the parts of a book that are most relevant to you by using the Table of Contents and Index.  Hone in on a specific chapter, or just a key phrase!

If a book you're using has a bibliography, be sure to check out those citations as well!  There are probably other scholarly works listed there that would be relevant to your research.