BSU's Definition of Interdisciplinary Studies

BSU's Interdisciplinary learning and research initiative fosters collaborative efforts across diverse disciplines to address intellectual and real-world problems in response to the accelerating social complexity and the interconnection of social and natural issues.


BSU Mission:

Bridgewater State University is an inclusive community dedicated to the lifelong success of all students, focused on the continuous improvement of its people, and responsible for leading innovation that benefits Southeastern Massachusetts, the Commonwealth, and the world. Bridgewater’s accessible environment of teaching and learning stimulates critical thinking, demands the rigorous pursuit of new knowledge and deeper understanding, cultivates meaningful and diverse interpersonal relationships, fosters global citizenship, and strives to transform lives and improve the human condition.


BSU Vision - Bridgewater State University aspires to be a community in which:

  • All students, regardless of socioeconomic background, have full and equal access to the educational opportunities and social experiences that best prepare and inspire them to build purposeful lives of their choosing.

  • All employees, regardless of role or position, are deeply engaged in the creation and enhancement of these opportunities and experiences.

  • All members of the community readily embrace the University’s values of fairness, respect, dignity and free expression, causing them to think beyond the self and to be engaged in the advancement of the greater good



BSU Strategic Goals:

GOAL 1 - Focus resources and decisions on the overarching priority of student success.

GOAL 2 - Provide a teaching and learning environment with exceptional educational opportunities for intellectual, creative and professional growth.

GOAL 3 - Provide opportunities for personal and professional growth for faculty, librarians and staff in support of organizational progress.

GOAL 4 - Serve as a regional catalyst for economic, cultural and intellectual engagement.

GOAL 5 - Advance diversity and social justice with impact in the region and beyond