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Access Off Campus

  • Off-campus access to the library’s online resources (e.g. databases and journal articles) is restricted to current BSU students, faculty, and staff ONLY.
  • When accessing library subscribed e-resources from off-campus, you will be directed the EZproxy login page below.
  • Enter your username (first half of your email extension) and password to access the databases, ejournals or ebooks. 
  • After signing in, you should have full access to library subscription.

Frequently Asked Questions:

  • If you receive any of the following problems in your browser, it normally indicates there are firewall or DNS issues:
    • Page cannot be found
    • Cannot find server or DNS
    • Remote browser waits and waits for every resource I try to access

If you administer your own personal firewall such as Norton Antivirus, then you will have to make an exception for “” and ""
If you are at a place of work with a local area network, the local network has a firewall or internet security settings that could interfere with EZproxy. You will need to talk to your network administrator at your place of school or business.

  • My user name and password don't work.

If you have problem with your BSU account, please contact IT Service Center

  • My initial login is accepted, but I can't get any further to access resources.

Step 1: please try different browsers first.
Step 2: If none of the browsers works, please check the following settings in your browser:

  • Pop-up blocker -- Disable pop-up blockers when you access the restricted resources through EZproxy.
  • Cookies -- Make sure your browser is set to accept cookies. Change browser options to allow cookies. 
  • JavaScript -- Make sure JavaScript is enabled. Please refer to “How to enable JavaScript in a web browser.”
  •  After making changes suggested above, you will need to relaunch your browser and retest.

If you have problem accessing the library e-resources, please feel free to contact us.

Database Troubleshooting Guide

Find Electronic Books, Journals and Databases Remotely

Please follow the steps in the following to configure your Google Scholar setting first before performing a search. 

1.  Go to the Google Scholar “preferences” page at,5
2.  Click on Library Links (on the top left of the page).
3.  In the text box, type “bsumax” and click search (the magnifying glass icon)
4.  When “BSU Maxwell Library – Find-it @ BSU Max” appears, click the box to select it.
5.  Click Save.
6.  Do a search on the topic of interest.
7.  Generally, anything with a link on the right side that displays “Find-it @ BSU Max” should be available to you free of charge.
8.  If you are ever prompted to pay for articles, DON’T.  

If you any questions, please feel free to contact librarians in your subject area at 

Free Electronic Resources

Video/Film Delivered Online

Off-campus access to these videos and film is restricted to current BSU students, faculty, and staff.