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MAX Video Streaming Service

What is MAX Video Streaming?

Maxwell Library can stream multi-media content required for use in the classroom, for online courses, and as an interactive tool to augment course instruction.

Who can use it?

The streaming media service is available to all Bridgewater State University classroom instructors, both full‐time and part‐time.

How does the service work:

  • Only films that are required for your course may be made available.
  • Streaming URL’s will be emailed to you, and must then be placed on a Blackboard or other course management site.
  • Personal videos can be made available for a maximum of 10 consecutive days and for one time only. Maxwell Library assumes no responsibility for personal property that is encoded for the Max Video Streaming system.
  • Streamed content may be of poorer quality than the original video.
  • This form does not place videos on Course Reserve. You may do that here: Course Reserve Request Form.

How do I request a video be streamed?

Use the Max Video Streaming Request form.

NOTE: Please allow two weeks for each request. All video and DVD items are streamed (digitized) in real time. That is, it takes 45 minutes to digitize a title with a running time of 45 minutes. If an instructor requests multiple titles, each is converted one at a time.

What are the details?

  1. All videos and DVDs purchased by Maxwell Library are purchased with some level of viewing rights.
    1. The content of all items owned by the Library can be streamed unless expressly prohibited by the viewing rights, law, or agreement with the copyright holder, film distributor or vendor.
    2. The content of all items owned by the Library can be made available for student use for an entire semester or for shorter, more specific timeframes.
    3. The streamed content can be used simultaneously by an instructor for more than one class per semester and by more than one instructor for classes per semester.
  2. An instructor’s personal copy of a video or DVD can be streamed only once and only for one ten‐day period of time during the semester. The ten day timeframe is determined by the instructor.

    NOTE: If an instructor is the copyright holder, the Library must receive permission in writing to stream the content for more than ten days.
    1. Instructors are encouraged to submit requests to the Library to purchase video and DVD titles used for courses taught more than one time.
  3. A video or DVD purchased by another department, program or office may not have been purchased with educational viewing rights. For items that have not been purchased with the appropriate viewing rights, the Library will stream the content only once for one ten‐day period of time.
    1. Departments are encouraged to submit requests to the Library to purchase video and DVD titles used for classroom instruction.
  4. Maxwell Library will not stream the content of items rented from a commercial provider such as Netflix, items owned by other libraries, or when the level of viewing rights cannot be determined.


For more information, consult the entire MVS Policy, or contact us at or 508-531.1392.