Grief and Loss impact the Mental Health of Faculty, Staff and Students and causes depression, anxiety and other illnesses. I hope that this Maxguide helps you personally in a small way and could be useful for some of the courses.

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Grief and Loss Apps


It is designed by a child psychologist for young people aged 11 and above who have a parent or relative who’s died or is living with a terminal illness.  Players explore a magical world, completing quests and hearing real stories from other young people. Designed by a child psychologist, the game uses counseling techniques to help players come to terms with their feelings. Players practice meditation, learn about different perspectives on what happens when we die, and explore their emotions.

Download: Apart of Me for iOS | Android (Free)


Grief Works continues to support the bereaved to live and love again through thoughtful advice by grief expert Julia Samuel and a toolkit of interactive exercises to reach for whenever you need.
Download: Grief Works for iOS | Android (Free, subscription available)


Imagine if you could have a little therapist by your side at all times? Well, you can! Wysa is an adorable, all-in-one app that can help you with anxiety, grief, and so much more. This app works as your happiness buddy, mood tracker, mindfulness coach, meditation guide, AI-powered chatbot, and overall close friend.

The app gives you your own private space where you can keep track of your journey. Don't worry if you need someone to talk to; simply start a chat with Wysa and get whatever is bothering you off your mind. Wysa gives you everything you need in the palm of your hands, from sleep stories and sounds to self-care exercises about overcoming grief and loneliness.

Download: Wysa for iOS | Android (Free, subscription available)



Dipti Mehta, Research & Instruction Librarian