This guide is intended to help you find newspaper and magazine articles that were published in the 1980s and 1990s regarding the HIV pandemic. 


Searching Databases

1, Each of these databases can be searched by using keywords (subject terms) that you type into search boxes
     hiv or aids or acquired human immunodeficiency syndrome or human immunodeficiency virus

2. You may narrow the search down by adding another term(s) such as
        pandemic or epidemic or outbreak

3. Then you can narrow your search by date

4.  After narrowing your search down, click on the title of the articles to find more information about the article.

5. If the fulltext is available in pdf or htm, or linked fulltext; you can read it.(If the link says interlibrary loan it means that you will have to request that we try to get it from another library through our interlibrary loan services.)

  Online Databases

These databases require a BSU login.

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