Overall Content of a Book Review

  • The length of book reviews vary. Some are only a few hundred words and others are 10 pages. (Read your assignment or the publishing requirements carefully).
  • A book review is not simply a review of the content of the book.
  • While content is included the work's purpose and the writer's authority is important too.
  • Analysis of a book usually includes a description, evaluation, and  information on the quality and importance of the work.
  • Many book reports include an introduction, summary, analysis, and conclusion.

Parts of a Book Review

  • Include basic bibliographic information: Title, author, date, pages, ISBN (International Standard Book Number), Fiction/Non-fiction, genre, intended audience
  • Include the author's purpose for writing the book
  • What are the books themes?
  • If the work is fiction you may wish to include: main characters, themes, plot, setting, and style.
  • If it is non-fiction, is the book  accurate, reliable, and authoritative? Does it fulfill the author's purpose?
  • Often the review includes a comparison with previous writings on the topic.
  • Would you recommend the book? And to what audience?

Questions to Consider Answering in Your Book Review

  • What are the author's main points?
  • What are the author's viewpoint and purpose?
  • What evidence does the author use to prove his/her/their points?
  • How does this book relate to other books on the same topic?
  • What is the author's expertise for writing the book?
  • What criteria should be used to assess the book?

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