Our lives are ordered by rhythms, and we naturally react to these inevitable changes.  When these changes are unwelcome or unpleasant, we are forced to go within and to find the strength or patience to accept the present moment. --  Ian-Michael Hébert

Personal Peacefulness:  Psychological Perspectives

Healing with Nature

Healing Spaces: the Science of Place and Well-being

Iceland : Deep In The Polar Night (e-video on seasonal affective disorder)

Gratitude and the Good Life:  Toward a Psychology of Appreciation

Winter Landscapes in Watercolor  (art instruction; en plein air e-video)

Ecopsychology, Phenomenology, and the Environment:  The Experience of Nature

Complete Guide to Natural Home Remedies: 1,025 Easy Ways to Live Longer, Feel Better, and Enrich Your Life

Polar Bear - Spy on the Ice, Episode 1 (e-video)

Polar Bear - Spy on the Ice, Episode 2 (e-video)

Winter Sports  (short e-video)

Ice Town - Life On The Edge, Life Is Fragile (e-video)

Ou Sont Mes Ailes ? / Where Are My Wings?

A LOCAL READ ....... click on title to open e-format

NEW YEAR CELEBRATIONS........click on a title to open the e-video

Author John Tierney and Roy Baumeister on Willpower, Self-Control and Success  (strategies for New Year’s Resolutions)  (e-video)

Chinese New Year – Migration  (follow the weeks leading up to New Year, based at the Harbin Ice and Snow Festival)  (e-video) 

Chinese New Year – Reunion  (New Year's Eve in Beijing)  (e-video)                 

Chinese New Year – Celebration  (see the days right after New Year in Hong Kong, a city that is a mix of ultra-modern and traditional)  (e-video)

Dongji, Winter Solstice: Video Culture Class — Korean Holidays  (short e-video)                

Jewish New Year at the Wailing Wall, 1946  (short e-video)       

New Year: Video Culture Class — British Holidays  (Ever wondered how British holidays are celebrated?) (e-video)

Winter: Season of Snow and Bamboo  (e-video)     

No More Regrets!: 30 Ways to Greater Happiness and Meaning in Your Life 

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