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Selected Reference Collection titles related to the Earth Sciences. These titles are located in the Reference Collection on the first floor of Maxwell Library.

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Circulating books in the G through GE call numbers can be found in the stacks on the Second Floor of Maxwell Library. Circulating books in the QC, QE, and S call number ranges above can be found in the stacks on the Third Floor of Maxwell Library. All Reference materials with these call numbers can be found in the Reference Department on the First Floor.

Books in Earth Sciences can be found under the following Library of Congress Call Numbers:

  • G1‑922 - Geography (General)
  • G1000‑3122 - Atlases
  • G3160‑3171 - Globes
  • G3180‑9980 - Maps
  • GA101‑1776 - Cartography
  • GB3‑5030 - Physical geography
  • GB400‑649 - Geomorphology. Landforms. Terrain
  • GB651‑2998 - Hydrology. Water
  • GB5000‑5030 - Natural disasters
  • GC1‑1581 - Oceanography
  • GE1‑350 - Environmental sciences
  • QC801-809 - Geophysics. Cosmic physics
  • QE1-350.62 - Geology, General
  • QE351-399.2 - Mineralogy
  • QE420-499 - Petrology
  • QE500-639.5 - Dynamic and structural geology
  • QE521-545 - Volcanoes and earthquakes
  • QE601-613.5 - Structural geology
  • QE640-699 - Stratigraphy
  • QE701-760 - Paleontology
  • QE760.8-899.2 - Paleozoology
  • QE901-996.5 - Paleobotany
  • S590-599.9 - Soils. Soil science

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