Search Tips

To find books on biological sciences, you may search the Library's online catalog, browse the biological sciences collection shelves, or look at the library's New Titles List.

Books of biological sciences are shelved on the the third floor. Their shelf numbers (or call numbers) start with QH, QK, QL, QM, and QR. You can also do a virtual bookshelf browsing using a call number search in the library's online catalog by entering one of the shelf numbers.

If you do not know what to look for, start a subject search with one of the following headings:

  • Natural History (General) (QH1-278.5)
  • Biology (General) (QH301-705.5)
  • Evolution (QH359-425)
  • Genetics (QH426-470)
  • Ecology (QH540-549.5)
  • Cytology (QH573-671)
  • Economic Biology (QH705-705.5)
  • Botany (QK1-989)
  • Plant Anatomy (QK640-707)
  • Plant Physiology (QK710-899)
  • Plant Ecology (QK900-989)
  • Zoology (QL1-991)
  • Invertebrates (QL360-599.82)
  • Vertebrates (QL605-739.8)
  • Animal Behavior (QL750-795)
  • Morphology (QL799-799.5)
  • Anatomy (QL801-950.9)
  • Embryology (QL951-991)
  • Human Anatomy (QM1-695)
  • Human Embryology (QM601-695)
  • Microbiology (QR1-502)
  • Bacterial (QR75-99.5)
  • Immunology (QR180-189.5)
  • Virology (QR355-502)

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Maxwell Library uses the Library of Congress Classification System. To locate your book in the General Collection look at the first letter of the call number. If it begins with the letter A-L, it will be on the second floor. If it starts with the letters M-Z, it will be on the third floor. Reference Books and periodicals are located on the first floor and may not be checked out.