Nexis Uni

Click the Nexis Uni link (log on).

  1.  select Advanced Search
  2. Click on "News" in the top menu
  3. After the first search box  scroll down and select section
  4. In the box type Editorial or Opinion
  5. In the next box type your search term
  6. You may narrow by  Date Range and or language
  7. After doing the search you may also narrow by source/people/geography


Finding Editorials

1. Select Advanced Search

2. Scroll down to select By Document type

3. Check the box that says Editorial

4. Type your topic in to the search box

5. Click Search

6.  You may filter your results further date/subject, etc.

Academic Search Complete

News and Newspaper

  1. Select Advanced Search
  2. Select "Sec". from drop down menu and type Editorial
  3. Type in your Topic/keywords in the next box
  4. Narrow by language, year, etc.