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Health Careers for BSU Students Community Guide: Naturopathic School

Resources on Health Careers suitable for BSU students of all majors to pursue

Naturopathic School

General Course Work*:
*Below are common course requirements but can vary between schools. Make sure to check for individual school requirements.

  • BIOL 121 and BIOL 122
  • CHEM 141 and CHEM 142
  • CHEM 243 and CHEM 244
  • PHYS 181, PHYS 182, PHYS 243, or PHYS 244
  • One Semester of MATH
  • PSYC 100

Potential Additional Requirements:

  • CHEM 352 or 452
  • BIOL 251 and BIOL 252
  • One Semester of a humanities course 

Academic Prerequisites

Resources for Prospective Naturopathic Students

List of Naturopathic Medical Schools

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