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Health Careers for BSU Students Community Guide: Clinical Experiences

Resources on Health Careers suitable for BSU students of all majors to pursue

Clinical Experiences

How to gain clinical and shadowing experiences

  • NAAHP Prehealth Opportunities During the Pandemic Ideas Summary
  • Check out the opportunities found in the tabs in this section.
  • Ask people you know if they know of a doctor who they can introduce you to - Ask fellow students, your doctor or doctor of a family member, current and former teachers, coaches, community members, and family friends.

  • If you are working or volunteering in the medical field ask for opportunities to shadow.

  • External Internships - Uncompensated internships may be able to be compensated through the BSU Internship Office.

Recommended pathways to gain clinical experience:
Medical schools want students to have an understanding of the healthcare system and gain clinical experiences. However, these experiences do not need to be hands on, direct patient care.

Physician Assistant schools require a certain number of hands on direct patient care hours. It can range from 500-4000 hours. If you have questions about how many hours are required and what constitutes a direct care experience, you should contact the schools you are interested in applying to. 

Examples of Clinical Experience: 

  • Medical Scribe
  • Note: Some PA schools do not count scribing as direct patient care. Check with schools you want to attend.
  • Emergency Medical Technician - find EMT courses below
  • Paramedic
  • Certified Nursing Assistant
  • Medical Assistant 
  • Phlebotomist
  • Patient Transport
  • Pharmacist Technician
  • Medical Interpreter
  • Respiratory Therapist 
  • and Long term volunteering and/or shadowing experience

Clinical Opportunities

For Pre-Dental Students: 

For Pre-Optometry Students:

Summer Opportunities:

Summer Opportunities: 

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