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Health Careers for BSU Students Community Guide: Build Your Resume

Resources on Health Careers suitable for BSU students of all majors to pursue

Build Your Resume

Successful applicants to health professions programs are those who demonstrated excellence in their academics and extracurricular activities. Extracurricular activities include but are not limited to research, clinical experience, and volunteer and leadership positions. As many BSU students must work in order to finance their education, gaining employment in a relevant field will provide financial support while furthering experience in and knowledge of the intended field of interest. 

Below are recommendations to help you get into health profession schools

  • Earn good grades and high scores on the standardized exam required for your health profession school
  • Make sure you are taking the right courses - Research program's requirements and make an appointment with Health Professions Coordinator, Dr. Alexandra Zilz to discuss your courses.
  • Clinical experience - It is beneficial to gain multiple types of clinical experiences - for ideas ​visit here.
  • Research Experience - for ideas visit here
  • Volunteer for something important to you. It can be, but does not need to be medically oriented - for ideas visit here.
  • Extracurricular activities - Be involved and take on leadership roles. It can be, but does not need to be medically oriented - for ideas ​​visit ​here.