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Health Careers for BSU Students Community Guide: Financing Graduate School

Resources on Health Careers suitable for BSU students of all majors to pursue

Financing Graduate School

Below are tips on how to pay for application fees and graduate school:

  1. Application fee waivers 
  2. Paying for MD Programs and DO Programs
  3. VIDEO FROM AAMC: Tips and Tools for Financing Your Application and Career in Medicine
  4. Top 10 Questions Pre-Meds Should Ask Medical School Financial Aid Officers
  5. Financial Wellness for Medical School and Beyond
  6. AAMC Financial Aid Resources
  7. AACOM Financial Aid and Scholarships
  8. AACOM's 2020 Financial Aid Debt Management Modules
  9. Paying for Dental School
  10. Paying for Veterinary School
  11. Paying for Physician Assistant School
  12. Paying for Optometry School
  13. Paying for Nursing School - AACN Nursing and RN to MSN
  14. Guide to Nursing School Costs: How to Pay for Nursing School
  15. Paying for Pharmacy School
  16. Paying for Naturopathic School