Bloomberg Professional provides access to both real-time and historical financial market & economic data. You may use it to find company financials, stock market information, news, reports, and more. 

Bloomberg Terminal - Locations

Ten of the Bloomberg terminals are housed in the new lab, located on the second floor of Harrington Hall. The other two are housed on the second floor of the Maxwell Library.

Bloomberg- Initial Help Guides

Bloomberg at BSU 2

Key Functions

{HELP<Go>} - How to navigate your way around the Bloomberg Professional Services

{BMC <Go>} - Bloomberg Market Concepts -8 hour self-paced e-learning course 
{BPS <Go>} - The Bloomberg resource center 

{BPS <Go>}  Bloomberg  Help and Learning Training

{FFM <Go>} - The Bloomberg case study library {NEW <Go>}
<HELP> key ONCE on any function to open up its help page component with instructions and definitions plus any relevant videos and supporting documents.