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Library Hours 508-531-1749
ERC Hours 508-531-1304*

*Note: the ERC (Educational Resource Center) is not staffed all the hours the library is open.

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Cite It

For BSU's TESL classes, you will be required to use the APA (American Psychological Association) citation format.  Use the links below for samples and instructions on using this format.

Steps to Finding Full-text Articles (Read This First!)

Finding full-text articles is easy, once you become familiar with the resources available to you.

There are three possible scenarios you will face.  Follow the links below for information on how to find full-text articles in each case.

Find Articles Using Periodical Databases

Use the following databases to find research and other kinds of articles on topics related to the discipline of education.  If you need PEER-REVIEWED or SCHOLARLY articles, click on the scholarly/peer-reviewed boxes on the database search screens.

(Note: Off-campus access to all databases, unless otherwise noted, is restricted to BSU students, faculty and staff.)

Find Journals Using the A to Z Journal List (Journal Look-up)

Use the A to Z Journal List to find print, microfilm, and electronic journals, magazines, and newspapers held by Maxwell Library. Note: This resource will help you find specific periodical titles; it will not identify articles within those periodicals!) To find articles, you must search within Maxwell Library's periodical databases.

Find Articles Using Google Scholar

Google Scholar Search

Google Scholar Instructions

Maxwell Library provides access to nearly 200 periodical and informational databases in all academic subject areas.  You can connect Google Scholar back to BSU's databases by following the instructions below: 

1.      Go to the Google Scholar “preferences” page at https://scholar.google.com/scholar_settings

2.      Click on Library Links (found on the top of the page)

3.      In the text box, enter    bsumax      and click search (the magnifying glass icon)

4.      When “BSU Maxwell Library – Find-it @ BSU Max” appears, click the box to select it

5.      Click Save.

 Now, when you do a search in Google Scholar, if Maxwell Library has an item in the results list, “Find-it @ BSUMax” will appear to the right of the item.  Clicking on “Find-it” will lead you back to the library’s resources.