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There are several books that include reviews.  You can find them by using the library catalog and doing a basic search for film reviews.  Try the subject heading Motion Picture Reviews.

Many of these books are in the PN1993 to PN1995 area of the library's book collection.  Don't be afraid to browse the shelves.

Some examples are:

Contemporary Japanese Film (1999).  Call number PN1993.5  J3  S37

Figures of Light (1971).  Call number PN1995  K296

Graham Greene on Film...Collection of Film Criticism 1935-1940. (1972).  PN1995 G68

Field of View (1986).  Call number PN1995 K295

Celluloid Power:  Social Film Criticism (1992).  Call number PN1995.9 P6 C44

Film Review Sources

New York Times Film

EXISTING registered subscribers that DO NOT HAVE ACTIVE NYT subscription can visit , type in the name of the school and follow the instructions based on their location. Since the subscriber "Already has an account " they click “Log In" (Found below "Create an Account"). Input your BSU email address and the same “Password” created for their previous account. If the subscriber encounters an error message that subscriber can email with

Another link to use is: 

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