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Where can I get my work published?

Use these resources to help you find the right venue for your scholarship.

Looking for a venue?  Search this directory. contains information about more than 300,000 serials of all types from around the world-academic and scholarly journals, peer-reviewed titles, online publications, newspapers and other resources. Bibliographic records provide details such as ISSN and title, publisher, online availability, language, subject area, abstracting & indexing coverage, searchable tables of contents, and full-text reviews.

Journal Finder
This tool helps you to find a journal that is right for your scholarly article. Enter the name of your article and your abstract into the search engine.


A free online tool to help you find journals that publish in your field.

Edanz Journal Selector

A free online tool to help you find journals that publish in your field.

Writer's Market (published annually)

This directory of literary agents, book, newspaper and magazine publishers, and theatre departments, also includes information on writing proposals and query letters and other helpful hints. Our most current edition:  REF PN 161 .W83 2011

Children's Writer's and Illustrator's Market (published annually)
Lists book publishers, magazines, agents, and art reps in the area of publishing for children and young adults.  Also provides helpful guidelines and occasionally sample inquiry letters and more.

Novel and Short Story Writer's Market (published annually)
A directory specifically for fiction writers of all kinds. Includes hints on getting published.

Songwriter's Market (published annually)
A directory of music producers, record companies, and online resources, with inside information into the music industry.

Literary Marketplace  (published annually)
Provides an alphabetical listing of US, Canadian, and international book publishers, as well as of small presses, plus agent listings and industry resources.

Helpful Hint

To find a periodical that publishes articles of the type you are interested in publishing, try this:

Select a subject database, for example, ERIC or Education Research Complete if you are in the field of education, and do a search that broadly reflects your topic.  Your search results will display records for articles on that topic.  The record will also indicate which periodicals published those articles.  In this way you can generate a list of potential sources for your article.   If you need assistance with this process, see your liaison librarian.

Especially for BSU Students

Office of Undergraduate Research (Intranet)

Undergraduate Research (Extranet)

The Bridge: A Student Journal of Literature and Fine Art
An award-winning electronic and print-based journal managed by students.

The Undergraduate Review
Accepts research and creative work from any interested and hardworking Bridgewater undergraduate.

Student Art Show
Contact Art Department for more information (508-531-1359)

Graduate Funding Opportunities

Graduate Writing Fellowship 
(scroll through the page to find multiple links for this fellowship)

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Word of Caution

Not all publishers are created equal. Do your due diligence!

Kolata, Gina. Scientific Articles Accepted (Personal Checks, Too) (NY Times article)

Berger, Monica & Ciracella, Jill. 2015.  Beyond Beall's List:  Better Understanding Predatory Publishers.  (C&RL News article).

Gillis, Alex.  2019.  The Rise of Junk Science (Fake publications are corrupting the world of research—and influencing real news).  (The Walrus).

See also:

Directory of Open Access Journals (DOAJ) for "whitelisted" OA publications and the criteria used for inclusion.

Cabell's Scholarly Analytics "Whitelisted Journals" and "Blacklisted Journals" lists.

Search the COPE (Committee on Publication Ethics) website to see if your journal is listed as a member. 


About Beall's List

In early 2017, Jeffrey' Beall's blog, which contained a listing of predatory publishers, was removed.  You can read about the removal here:

Straumsheim, C.  (2017, January 18).  Librarian removes controversial list of "predatory" journals and publishers, reportedly in response to "threats and politics."  Inside Higher Ed.

An archived version of Beall's List from its last update in 2016 can be found here.

Open Access Resources

How to Assess a Journal