ANTH 115 - Anthropology of Race, Class, and Gender - This course will introduce students to how concepts of race, class, and gender have been constructed cross-culturally

COMM 300 - Race, Class & Gender in Media -This course explores the network of relationships between media processes (e.g., production, consumption, representation) and a range of multicultural identities (e.g., race, class, gender), paying particular attention to the role of power and privilege in shaping human conditions.

ECON 427 - Economics of Race - This course will explore the causal relationship between economic disparity, regulatory actions and variation in ethnic integration within the U.S. through the evaluation of differences in mode of immigration, initial and longitudinal human capital endowment, discriminatory victimization and home country-based cultural resilience. sexual orientation, religion, ability/disability, age, etc.

ENGL 233 - Introduction to the African American - Novel African-Americans have distinguished themselves artistically in many modes of expression, but perhaps none as profoundly as the novel. Tracing the development of this tradition that began before slavery ends.

ENGL 317 - African American Literature - Students will survey writings in African American literature from its inception through 1954, the year of the landmark Brown v. Board of Education ruling that outlawed segregation.

ENGL 318 - African American Literature II -Many of the freedoms and rights that African Americans enjoy today began with the historic 1954 Brown vs Board of Education ruling that outlawed segregation. 

HIST 465 - African American History From the colonial period through the present. May be taken for graduate-level credit.

POLI 389 - Race and Ethnicity in American Politics -This course explores racial politics in the United States. 

SOCI 315 - Race and Ethnicity in America - Explores debates on diversity within the U.S. by taking a sociological perspective on the experiences of various racially and ethnically defined groups and on the relations among those groups.

CRJU 546 - Class, Race, Gender and Crime - This course examines how class, race gender intersect with crime and the criminal justice system. The course provides an overview of class, race, ethnic and gender stratification in the United States and looks at how that stratification is reflected in judgments about crime and in treatments of various groups in the criminal justice system.