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Your best bet for finding books related to Film Studies in through the library's Online Catalog (search box above). Books related to Film Studies can be found in a number of locations in the library; therefore, use the catalog to locate the call letters.

For Browsing, use the call letters beginning PN1993 through PN1998, both on the third floor - general collection - and in Reference - first floor.

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EXISTING registered subscribers that DO NOT HAVE ACTIVE NYT subscription can visit accessnyt.com , type in the name of the school and follow the instructions based on their location. Since the subscriber "Already has an account " they click “Log In" (Found below "Create an Account"). Input your BSU email address and the same “Password” created for their previous account. If the subscriber encounters an error message that subscriber can email with  edu@nytimes.com.

Another link to use is: nytimes.com/spotlight/nytimesineducation. 

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