Search Tips

Books on Astronomy and Physics are shelved on the third floor in the library. Their call numbers (or shelf numbers) start with QB (Astronomy, QB1-991) and QC (Physics, QC1-999), respectively.

There will also be applicable books on Physics and related topics in the sections T-TL (Technology). These shelves are adjacent to the QB/QC shelves on third floor. 

When you do not know what to search, do a subject search with the following headings:

  • Acoustics (QC221-246)
  • Astrophysics (QB460-466)
  • Atomic Physics (QC170-197)
  • Digital electronics (TK7800-8360)
  • Electricity (QC501-721)
  • Energy, Thermodynamics (QC251-338.5)
  • Mechanics (QC170-1)
  • Magnetism (QC750-766)
  • Molecular Physics (QC170-197)
  • Nuclear physics (QC770-798)
  • Optics (QC350-467)
  • Particles (QC793-793.5)
  • Quantum (QC170-197)
  • Radiation (QC474-496.9)
  • Relativity (Physics) (QC170-197)
  • Solar system (QB500.5-785)
  • Solid state physics (QC170-197)
  • Stars (QB799-903)