Where Will I Find Printed Periodicals?

Most of our magazines, newspapers, and journals are accessible online through the Library website. Click (below) "Find Journals by Title"

Print journals, magazines, newsletters, and others are on the first floor of the Maxwell Library. (Shelved alphabetically by title).

Print periodicals are generally for in-library use only but you may request copies of articles be sent to you through our Interlibrary Loan/Document Delivery Services.

How Can I tell if a specific article is Peer Reviewed?

Is the article I found peer-reviewed?

  • Many databases will allow you to select peer reviewed and may also allow you to narrow your search only to articles (not editorials, conference proceedings, et cetera).
  • On the library home page, Under Find, then Databases, Use the database, Ulrich's, search the journal title to verify that the journal is  peer-reviewed or refereed, the title will have a little umpire shirt symbol.
  • If the journal is online, the journal's About section may say if it is peer-reviewed, refereed or may list the Editors or Editorial Board.
  • Warning: A journal can be refereed/peer-reviewed and include  non-peer reviewed articles. Generally if the article is an editorial, news item or short communication, it's not been peer-review.
  • Ulrichsweb

    Detailed information on more than 300,000 periodicals of all types: academic and scholarly journals, e-journals, peer-reviewed titles, popular magazines, newspapers, newsletters, and more. Data points include ISSN, publisher, language, subject, abstracting and indexing coverage, full-text coverage, tables of contents, and reviews written by librarians.

Where Do I Look for Peer-Reviewed Articles?

Most of our databases allow users to limit their searches to "scholarly" or  "peer-reviewed" journals. An alphabetical listing of the Library's databases is on the Library Home Page under Find; then Databases. Select a database to search, then limit the search by clicking on the check box that allows for limiting the search to scholarly (Peer-reviewed journals). Some advance searches allow you to limit your search to document type too.

Do You Have Any Other Suggestions for Me?

Are there Other Sources that May Help Me?

A print copy of a journal and/or the journal's website may also include information regarding it's status as being peer reviewed. Instructions about requirements for submissions to the journal may also add further information.