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Math Community Guide: 2013 Pi Mu Epsilon Ceremony

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The Mathematics Honor Society
Massachusetts Gamma Chapter
Bridgewater State University


Established on May 10, 1972
by the late Dr. Murray Abramson
then chair of the Mathematics and Computer Science Department

Historic Documents:

1987 Departmental Memo
1988 Departmental Memo

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Current Advisors

Dr. Jacqueline Anderson, 2013-
Dr. Annela Kelly, 2013-present
Dr. Laura Gross, 2010-present

Previous Advisors

Dr. Ward Heilman, 2004-2010
Professor Thomas Moore, 1980-2003
Dr. Murray Abramson, 1972-1979


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2013 Abramson Colloquium &
Pi Mu Epsilon Induction Ceremony

Sunday, April 7, 2013, 2:00 - 4:00 p.m.
Conant Science Building Room 120

(Program Schedule)

Induction Ceremony

Introduction by Dr. Laura Gross

Presided by
Mr. Joshua Bernard & James Marcotte, '13, (Math Majors)


Pi Mu Epsilon Inductees, 2013



Mark Baker
Katie Gruner
Amanda Hudson
Shellie Johnson
Dr. Annela Kelly
Corey R. Ladderbush
Jacqueline G. Lawson
Ashley Minahan
Judith S. Morin
Terry Mullen
Alberto Ocampo
Kerrie Pratt
Kara Marie Plourde
Camille Schulman
Alexandra Vitiello


Abramson Colloquium

Susan Loepp

Speaker: Dr. Susan Loepp, Department of Mathematics and Statistics, Williams College


Title: Protecting your Personal Information: An Introduction to Encryption


The secret messages Julius Caesar sent to his military commanders were sometimes intercepted by his enemies. Since Caesar used encryption, however, his enemies could not decipher the information contained in the messages. Indeed, throughout history, encryption has been used to protect military secrets. But why should you care about encryption? Do you purchase products online? Do you worry about being a victim of identity theft? If so, then, even though you may not realize it, encryption is an important part of your every day life. In this talk, we will discuss the method Caesar used to encrypt his messages, as well as ideas used for modern encryption. The talk will be aimed at a general audience; no prior knowledge of encryption, Julius Caesar, or specific mathematical background will be assumed.


Dr. Loepp's Biography:

Susan Loepp received a B.A. in mathematics and a B.S. in physics from Bethel College (N. Newton, KS) in 1989. She earned her Ph.D. in mathematics from the University of Texas at Austin in 1994. After a two-year postdoctoral position at the University of Nebraska, she joined the faculty at Williams College, where she now holds the rank of Professor. Loepp is currently the principal investigator on the Williams College SMALL REU grant, and has served as the director of the program three times. Her research area is commutative algebra and she has advised the research of many undergraduate students in that field. Loepp also loves teaching, and in 2012, she received the Deborah and Franklin Tepper Haimo Award for Distinguished College or University Teaching. Loepp and William K. Wootters are co-authors of the book Protecting Information: From Classical Error Correction to Quantum Cryptography, published by Cambridge University Press in 2006.


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2013 Abramson Colloquium
2013 Abramson Colloquium
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2013 Abramson Colloquium
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2013 Abramson Colloquium
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