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Math Community Guide: BSU Math Teachers Circle

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About the BSU Math Teachers Circle

A Math Teachers Circle is a learning community built around K-12 math teachers and designed to ultimately help bring math enrichment to teachers and their students. They give teachers the opportunity to connect with each other and share in the act of mathematical play and problem solving, while also empowering teachers to bring new and exciting math projects to their own classrooms.


The BSU Math Teachers Circle will meet for 2 hours, roughly once per month on a Saturday morning during the school year beginning in Fall 2024. We focus on "low floor, high ceiling" problems that allow for exploring rich mathematical ideas in a fun and low-stakes way. At the same time, we allow math teachers who have similar goals to connect with each other and build a community around problem solving. These activities may also count as PDPs for the teachers involved (email for more information).

Contact Information

BSU MTC Leadership Team

  • Ms. Morgan Brown (Math Teacher, Carver Public Schools)
  • Professor Karen Duseau (Assistant Professor, BSU Math Department)
  • Dr. Stephen Flood (Associate Professor, BSU Math Department)
  • Dr. Shelley Stahl (Associate Professor, BSU Math Department)
  • Dr. Matthew Salomone (Associate Dean, BSU Bartlett College of Science and Mathematics)

For more information, contact Dr. Shelley Stahl at

BSU Math Teachers Circle Kickoff Workshop