Criticism About an Author

Although Maxwell Library owns a number of general books on literary criticism, perhaps the best way to search for criticism on a particular author is to use the Subject search section of the Library's online library catalog (see Finding Books), using the author's name, last name first, as a subject. Subject headings are often subdivided; look for the heading Criticism and Interpretation. Depending on the author, sometimes subject headings include individual titles, such as James, Henry - Daisy Miller. Books are located on the third floor of the library by call letter.

If available, bibliographies of criticism of specific authors are also helpful. Find these through the Library's online catalog by using the Subject search. Type the author's name and look for the subheading Bibliography, for example: Faulkner, William - Bibliography.

Critical information on an author can also be found in journal articles. See Finding Articles in Periodicals.

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