Competitors and Complementary Business

Finding direct competitors and complementary businesses (Businesses that are not in direct competition but may be useful to your targeted market.), 

Data Axel Reference Solutions (Formerly Reference USA). may be used to help you locate competitors and complementary businesses. It provides detailed directory information. You may use the Advanced Search and narrow by industry and geography.)


Industry Ratios

Industry Ratios -provide data that may be used to compare companies to their peers.

Financial Ratios - data generally calculated from company financial statements.

Common size financial ratios company- financial statement that displays all items as percentages of a common base figure. This type of financial statement allows for easy analysis between companies or between time periods of a company. For further information see NetMBA Common Size Financial Statements.

Industry Research

You may wish to begin your research in one of the Library's business databases. (Click the tab Find Articles for links to these resources).

  1. Begin by defining your industry and searching for key terms.
  2. Find the companies SIC/NAICS codes  (See the tab SIC, NAICS, and  GICs)


      You my also wish to search the Internet via search engines. 


See Marketing and/or Statistics and Data MaxGuides