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Books in Theater Arts and Dance can be found under the Library of Congress Call Numbers listed below. Circulating books in these number ranges can be found in the stacks on the Third Floor of Maxwell Library. Reference materials with these call numbers can be found in the Reference Department on the First Floor of the library.

Books in Theater and Dance can be found under the following Library of Congress Call Numbers:

  • GV1580-GV1799.4: Dance
  • ML3400-3465; MT950: Dance Music
  • MT955-956: Musical Theater
  • MT960: Music in the Theater
  • PN1530: The monologue
  • PN1551: The dialogue
  • PN1560-1590: Performing arts. Show business
  • PN1600-3307: Drama
  • PN1635-1650: Relation to, and treatment of, special subjects
  • PN1660-1693: Technique of dramatic composition
  • PN1720-1861: History
  • PN1997-1997.85: Plays, scenarios, etc.
  • PN2000-3307: Dramatic representation. The theater
  • PN2061-2071: Art of acting
  • PN2085-2091: The stage and accessories (e.g., design, lighting, construction, etc.)

The following areas contain drama scripts interfiled with other literature genres:

  • PQ1-3999: French Drama
  • PQ4001-5999: Italian Drama
  • PQ6001-8929: Spanish Drama
  • PQ9000-9999: Portugese/Brazilian Drama
  • PR1-9900: English Drama
  • PS1-3576: American Drama
  • PT1-9999: Germanic Drama

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