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Fact checking sources with good reputations include: - The Urban Legends Reference Page. Site authors research rumors and include citations and references. - A Pulitzer Prize-winning site that researches and rates political statements and claims. Rating scale goes from True to Half-True to Pants on Fire! - A Project of the Annenberg Policy Center of the University of Pennsylvania also see SciCheck which specifically fact checks scientific claims

Washington Post Fact Checker - Rates claims from true (A Geppetto Checkmark) to "Whopper" (4 Pinocchios)

AP Fact Check - From the Associated Press

Government 10-K USA Facts - Data from federal, state, and local governments

Open Secrets - From the Center for Responsive Politics

Be especially wary of anything claiming to provide the "truth" or "just the facts".

True facts and statistics can be manipulated in a number of ways in order to tell a certain story. Many people have fallen for the DiHydrogen Monoxide petition - requesting that water be banned!


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