Online College Student Success

Tips for Learning at Home

  • Take care of your physical and mental health
    •  Get exercise, eat well, practice good hygiene 
    • Avoid overscheduling yourself
  • Read and understand your class syllabus
    • Know the faculty member's expectations for the course
    • Participate
    • Be persistent in your studies
  • Understand practices and expectations for online learning
  • Become familiar with necessary technology
  • Make sure that you have reliable internet access
  • Create a dedicated study space
    • Mange your study environment - Put up a do not disturb sign or close a door while studying if possible
    • Use appropriate communication skills
  • Organize your schedule
  • Stay on task/schedule
  • Use Academic Support Services and Library Services
  • Ask for help if needed - use faculty office hours when needed
  • Check your email/Blackboard/Discussion board messages from faculty members
  • Take/schedule study breaks
  • Participate in online discussions and activities
  • Stay motivated 

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