Definition: Published vs. Unpublished Tests

A published test is one that is available commercially and can be purchased by qualified individuals from the publisher (as long as the test is still in print).    Some well-known commercial tests include KeyMath; the various Wechsler scales; the Woodcock-Johnson tests; the Kaufman Test of Educational Achievement; etc.

An unpublished test is one that is not available commercially, but may have been published in a journal article, a dissertation, or other source.  Sometimes these instruments are available for free and can be used with permission from the author.

For more information on published vs. unpublished tests, see:

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Websites & Articles

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"Informal Assessment in Educational Evaluation," by Cecilia Navarete, et. al. (University of New Mexico)
Good description of informal assessment techniques.
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Books About Testing

See also the sections on books that contain instruments and books that contain information on instruments, as these often also contain information on assessment in general.