Find Test/Instrument Information in Online Sources

Mental Measurements Yearbook with Tests in Print (MMY/TiP)

  • This is the premier resource for finding test reviews for published tests and is the resource BSU faculty often require students to use.
  • Print versions of MMY and TiP are also available in the ERC. See " in Books"  box  at right.

Test Reviews Online 

  • From Buros Mental Measurements Institute
  • Provides citations and limited information
  • Note: BSU faculty and students do NOT need to purchase MMY reviews from Buros! The ERC has MMY in both online and print versions, where you can obtain reviews.
  • See also Buros' Instructional Resources

ETS Test Link

  • From the Educational Testing Service
  • Contains general info on both published and unpublished tests, but it does not include reviews.

Find Test/Instrument Information in Journal Articles

Periodical articles are often published about tests. The MMY/TiP database or the print version of TiP sometimes include citations for journal articles, as does the ETS Test Link database. When that's the case, you can use Maxwell Library's A to Z Journal List to check for availability of the periodical in Maxwell Library.

 If the test you are interested in is not listed in MMY/TiP or TiP, or if no periodical citations are provided, then you can search one of our periodical databases for articles. ERIC and PsycInfo are just two of many databases you can search for information on a test of interest to you. For more databases, see the Find Articles page, especially the links under "Other Academic Databases." See also our "Complete List of Databases."

How to Find a Test Review

Find Test/Instrument Information in Books

Books about Specific Tests

To find books on specific tests, search our online catalog.

Maxwell Library Catalog

Advanced Search

If you use Advanced Search, you can limit your search by location to "Educational Resource Center - General" or "Educational Resource Center - Reference" (click on "More Limiters," then select the Location box). Then do a keyword or title search on a test of interest, such as the MMPI (Minnesota Multiphasic Personality Inventory), the WISC (Wechsler Intelligence Scale for Children), etc.