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To find books on political science, search the Library's online catalog or browse the political science collection shelves.

Political Science books are shelved on the the second floor. Their shelf numbers (or call numbers) start from J to JX. You can also do a virtual bookshelf browsing using a call number search in the library's online catalog by entering one of J shelf numbers.

If you do not know what to look for, start a subject search with one of the following headings:

  • Comparative Government (JF20-1177)
  • Congress (JK1012-1432)
  • Electoral system (JK1965-2217)
  • Internal Revenue (HJ2240-5908) 
  • Legislative branch (JK1012-1432)
  • Local Government (JS)
  • Municipal Government (JS)
  • Organizational Behavior (HD58.7-58.95)
  • Public Administration (JF1338-2112)
  • Public Institutions (JF20-1177)
  • Public Institutions & Administration (Canada, Latin America, etc.) (JL)
  • Public Institutions & Administration (Europe) (JN)
  • Public Institutions & Administration (Asia, Africa, Australia, Pacific Area, etc.) (JQ)
  • Public Finance (HJ) 
  • Public Institutions & Administration (North America) (JJ1000-1019)
  • Public Institutions & Administration (U. S.) (JK1-9993)
  • Public Personnel (JF1502-1700) 
  • Revenue (HJ2240-5908) 
  • State Government (JK2403-9593)
  • Taxation (HJ2240-5908) 
  • Sweatshops (HD2337-2339)

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