Customer Service

As an employee at Maxwell Library your priority is good customer service. This requires being attentive to our users.  One technique you can use is scanning your environment.  While at the Library Services Desk look around. Is anyone approaching the desk?  Does anyone need help?  Being proactive and paying attention to your environment is essential to good service.

Guidelines for Student Workers

We realize that your primary focus at BSU is your education/classes. We will not schedule you to work during a class period and will adjust your work schedule as necessary during final exams.

We will try to be flexible, but your commitment to this position should take precedence over other jobs, sports, and events.

Fines and Holds

Fines/Fees/Holds are only cleared  by staff members unless training and specific permission to do so has been approved.

Students Guidelines


Most of your time will be divided between desk duty, shelving, and shelf-reading. We are responsible for the circulation of library material and reserve items, checking these items out and back in properly, re-shelving them correctly and in a timely manner, and keeping the shelves in the best possible order. We also re-shelve periodicals and ERC and reference books. 


It is recommended that you dress comfortably because you may be on your feet and active much of the time. There is no dress code except business casual.  Snacks/drinks are allowed during extended shifts but may be consumed only away from the library services desk.

Personal belongings:

Please leave your coat, books etc., on the coat rack by the elevator and then check with staff about assignments for your shift. 

Work Schedule

We depend on you. Please work your prearranged shifts. If you are going to miss a shift or be late inform us as soon as possible.  We do understand that school requirements come first. If you need a change in your schedule, it must be approved by your supervisor. We may occasionally ask you if it is possible to work a different shift. You may be asked to work the library’s extended hours during finals week.

It is your responsibility to let your supervisor know ASAP if you will be late or absent.

Unable to contact your supervisor? have a friend/housemate call. 

Library Services Desk

Should you have to be absent or late to work, please notify Eric Cruze or call (508) 531-1392, as early as possible, to report your planned absence or tardiness. If you’re unable to call before your shift please call as soon as possible afterwards because we are concerned about your well being. If you’re certain that you’ll be out on a particular day, rescheduling your time before the scheduled absence is possible.


Employees working  more than 6 consecutive hours are required to take a 30-minute unpaid break.


You will be provided with a web-based timesheet, accessed through SSTA, for each week. At the end of the first shift each week you may enter your hours for the entire week.  If you are absent or change your schedule you will need to readjust your time entered.  Timesheets must be correctly entered and submitted each Thursday by noon.  It is vital that time worked is entered correctly and that your timesheet is submitted on time.  The Student Employment office monitors timely and correct timesheet submittal.  If you forget and do not fill in your hours, you will not get paid.

How to Crate Guest Password Lists

How to Create Guest Passwords list in Excel

  1. On the desktop, click on the Guest Accounts icon
  2. Highlight BSUGuest00 -cut and paste the list into the template folder
  3. Click “Save As"  and save as “Passwords mm-dd-yy”
  4. When giving out passwords be sure to get a photo ID from the patron.
  5. Enter the user's last name. first name, and ID type into the form.
  6. Save and close the template
  7. Give the patron a printed copy of the password. If the spreadsheet is left open others will be blocked from accessing it.