Printing Technology Issues

Printing won't Print or Print Job not showing in the student's printing Queue.

Possible solutions:

1. Check the computer the student is printing from to see if the student is the one logged on to that computer.

2. Check the computer the student is printing from to see if the student has select the WEPA option to print.

3. Ask the student if they may have used up their printing allotment for the semester. Once the student's allocation is used they can go to and add money to their account using a credit card or pay pal account.

4. If their is a printing technology issue that you cannot resolve, you may need to refer the student to the IT Help desk.


InfoBear Problems:

Problem: Student is unable to log in to InfoBear.

1. Try a different browser or try clearing their cache.

Wireless Printing Technology Issues

Problem: Student can't print from their laptop.

1. The student can send document to their BSU email, then print, email, or attach via WEPA printing or

2. Student can save the document to their USB 2.rive or Google Cloud and print from one of the library computers.

Note: Chromebooks cannot print via the File-Print method as they cannot install printer drivers.  They can only print via the web upload-method.

Refer students to IT's WEPA Cloud Printing webpage.  (see links below)

Log-in/Password Issues

Problem: Student cannot log in.

Possible solutions.

1. If is a returning student, their password may have expired.

If this is the case, provide the student (verify their photo ID) with a guest account so they can log in to a computer

(such as the Express Station).Have the student open a browser and enter the URL.

This allows the student access to the BSU Password Reset tool. Students can change their password here.

If the student still cannot log in, refer the student to the IT Support desk on the ground floor, located next to the coffee shop (Starbucks).