Library Services

Welcome to the Maxwell Library

The library is on the west-side of campus.  It is a great place to study, meet people, conduct research, and relax. Information about the Library can generally be found on the library home page and in our subject (MaxGuides). 

Access Off Campus

  • Off-campus access to the library’s online resources (e.g. databases and journal articles) is open to current BSU students, faculty, staff, and administration.
  • When accessing library subscribed e-resources from off-campus, you will be directed  to a login page.
  • Enter your username (first half of your email extension) and password to access the databases, ejournals or ebooks. 
  • After signing in, you should have full access to library subscription.
See below for department specific information.

Library Hours

General Academic Calendar Hours

Sunday  12:00pm-11:45pm
Monday-Thursday    7:30am - 11:45pam
Friday     7:30am - 5:00pm
Saturday  8:30am - 4:00pm


Welcome to the Maxwell Library Student Training Guide. Any questions not answered in this MaxGuide can be answered by your supervisor, the library administration, or other full-time staff.

Student workers are important to the library and the community. You will be helping the library assist other students, staff, faculty, administrators, and guests of BSU.

Library work can also help you.

  •  Learn about the library and the campus
  •  Gain customer service skills
  •  Learn new technologies
  •  Obtain work experience for resumé building
  •  Meet a diverse set of people

This tutorial provides basic information to enhance your in-person training.

User Confidentiality

Please Note: Records and files are confidential by law and must not be discussed outside of your department. Please do not leave personal information on the screen any longer than necessary. It’s extremely important to be careful and discrete when utilizing KOHA as you are directly affecting our patron’s records and privacy. Any irregularities or messages that appear on the screen are to be brought to the immediate attention of a staff person. Personal patron information, addresses, telephone numbers, etc., or disclosing the name of a borrower of a particular book/item is strictly forbidden. If someone is persistent in requesting such information please inform a staff person at once.