Guest Account Passwords

Guest passwords are provided at the Library Services Desk. Individuals need proof of identification such as a Driver's license.  

Providing Guest Accounts

Ask for Proof of Identification:

A driver's license, state ID, high school ID, be sure the photo on the ID matches that of the person in front of you.

From the library services desk workstation open the Guest Account Excel File. In the first available row, enter the guest's last name, first name, and type of ID provided. After entering the information, white out the lines that you have filled out, click save before closing out the file.

If necessary, explain the printing privilege and printing limit associated with the guest account. Guests' print jobs will be directed to the Faculty/Staff/Guest printer. It defaults to color.  If a guest wishes to print only in black & white, they will need to go to File, select print, then from the setting options they can change the color option to black and white or gray scale.  Printing for guests is limited to 15 black & white pages or 6 color pages per day.

Special Collections and Archives

University Archives and Special Collections (3rd floor)

University Archives Include resources that document the life and history of the University.

Special Collections includes material representing Massachusetts, New England, and more.

Educational Resources Center

The ERC is a teacher-training materials K-12 resource for the Education and Counseling programs. Materials in the ERC Collection are on the 2nd floor. Collections include 

  • Juvenile books - Uses Dewey Decimal classification à Designated  (designated as Pic, Juv Fic, Juv Non-fic, Big Bks)
  • K-12 textbooks  (uses DoE classification system) à (designated as ERC Text)
  • Prek-12 teaching kits
  • ERC general books and reference books 
  • ERC books and reference materials for teachers, principals, and school counselors  à (designated as ERC Gen and ERC Ref)
  • Test Preparation Collection) à (designated as ERC Test Prep)
  • Subject area state curriculum guides 
  • Standardized test collection (in locked cabinets)
  • ERC Media Collection (designated ERC Media) à (designated as ERC Media)
  • MA Curriculum Frameworks à (designated as ERC Curr Guides)