The ERC is a K-12 Curriculum materials center for the Education and Counseling Programs

Materials in the ERC Collection 2nd floor

  • Juvenile books - Uses Dewey Decimal classification à Designated  (designated as Pic, Juv Fic, Juv Non-fic, Big Bks)
  • K-12 textbooks  (uses DoE classification system) à (designated as ERC Text)
  • Prek-12 teaching kits
  • ERC general books and reference books 
  • ERC books and reference materials for teachers, principals, and school counselors  à (designated as ERC Gen and ERC Ref)
  • Test Preparation Collection) à (designated as ERC Test Prep)
  • Subject area state curriculum guides 
  • Standardized test collection (in locked cabinets)
  • ERC Media Collection (designated ERC Media) à (designated as ERC Media)
  • MA Curriculum Frameworks à (designated as ERC Curr Guides)

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